If you'd like a yurt for a one-time event, or don't have the room store one betweeen camping trips, Rental may be the best option for you. Yurts make great spaces for outdoor social events like weddings, birthdays, cookouts, and renting a yurt for camping trip ensures a comfortable space during the event and no packing afterwards!

We offer rentals of our in-stock yurts and can sometimes build to rent if needed. If your event is local, or one that we will be attending ourselves (such as Pennsic War) delivery and setup assistance are included in most cases. The rental prices below are for a period of one week, or in the case of Pennsic War, the entire event.

Diameter Interior Space


~12 feet 113 sq.ft.


~14 feet 153 sq.ft.


~16 feet 200 sq.ft.


~18 feet 254 sq.ft.


~20 feet 314 sq.ft.


~22 feet 380 sq.ft.


~24 feet 452 sq.ft.


If you are interested in yurt rental, take a moment to review our rental policies and rental agreement form. If you have any questions about rental availability, setup, or delivery, or would like suggestions on which yurt would be best for you do not hesitate to contact us!.

To rent a yurt: contact us via email or call 609-403-0241.


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