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Marquees are perhaps the most widely used tent design among medieval re-enactors. It can be set up by one person if need be, and the structure can be broken down so that the longest part is only just over 6 feet. Our tents have six foot high walls and provide ample room for comfortable camping or merchanting.

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Marquee pavilions, like their cousins the wall tents, can be found across many cultures and time periods. The most well known varieties come from Europe.

Marquee tents use a series of wall poles, and one or two center poles to create a skeleton around which the canvas hangs. Each wall pole is staked to the ground via a rope, and the canvas is hung around the outside of the wall poles. The tautness of the canvas is what keeps the tent together. The center pole is significantly taller than the wall poles, to create the pitch of the roof. Longer models employ two center poles, sometimes connected with a ridge pole.

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Poles - Our ridge and upright poles are made of pressure treated pine for good rigidity and weatherability. In addition we apply a polyurethane finish, as a standard feature. Wall poles have an integrated pin to hang your rope and canvas. We can splice the center pole of your tent so that it is no longer than the wall poles, and include a joint at no extra charge.

Ropes and ties/loops - Your tent will come with all the ropes and ties you will need to set up. We use white nylon rope and include pine wood sliders to keep it taught. All our ties and loops are triple stitched, and are 1 inch white nylon webbing. Ties are sewn every foot along the edges of the doors and along the tops of the walls. Stakes are also included.

Walls and roof fabric - The fabric in our marquee tents is top of the line Sunforger canvas for the best in water repellency and mildew resistance. This comes in a 10oz or 13oz variety, and both are a natural off white color. For more information on our canvas, click here

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Headroom – With at least six feet of headroom throughout the entire tent, there’s no need to worry about crouching. Most people will be able to stand anywhere in the tent with headroom above.

Portability – With everything able to break down to just over 6 feet, the whole tent can be packed easily into even a mid sized car. The canvas folds up into a fairly small stack and can be easily packed in a trunk.

Versatility – Having the walls separate from the roof means that you can take them down to allow easy access to the tent from multiple sides, or to allow for ventilation. This feature makes them extremely popular among merchants, as you can display your wares from every side you care to leave unwalled. At the end of the day the walls can be easily reattached. The walls can also be pulled halfway up by attaching the stake loops at the bottom to the pins at the top of the wall poles.

Storage Space – The evenly spaced wall poles provide a convenient way to mount shelves, brackets, or other storage solutions. These can provide extra storage space, or a way to display some of your prized possessions.

Setup – A marquee tent's simple structure makes it quick and easy to set up. A two person setup is ideal, but the tent can be setup with just one person, if need be. Complete setup instructions are provided with every tent.

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Footprint - As with any tent using ropes/stakes, the ropes needed to secure the tent will extend 2' to 5' beyond the walls to each walled side. This means a 10' by 10' tent would need approx. 16' x 16' as a footprint. Keep this in mind when laying out your campsite.

Structural interdependence - More so than other tents, marquees are very reliant upon the the ropes and stakes being set firmly into place. The advantage of this is the relatively few poles needed for setup. However, should a stake come loose or a rope be tripped over, it is possible that a pole could fall. Its a good idea to regularly check that your stakes are firmly in the ground and your ropes are pulled taut and out of the way of highly trafficked areas.

Center Pole - The center pole (or poles) is an integral part of any marquee, but keep in mind: its position is fixed. When planning the layout of furniture and camp equipment within the tent, remember to allow for the center pole.

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Deposit - We require a 30% non-refundable deposit to begin work on tent orders, the buttons below will add that deposit to your cart. The balance (plus tax if applicable) will be billed to you once your tent is complete and is due before your tent will ship. You may pay this balance earlier, should you so choose. Any options must be paid for along with your initial order, unless otherwise noted.

Shipping -
Shipping cost will also be included in the above mentioned bill and will be calculated based on your address, whether an in person pickup or event delivery can be scheduled, and final weight of your tent. We attend many events in the NJ/ East PA Area and are happy to schedule a delivery if possible. In-person pickups are also welcome, if you are near the central NJ area.

Build time - Please allow 4-6 weeks for the construction of your tent. This time can vary depending on how many orders we are working on at the time (Late spring / early summer tends to be the busiest time), the size of your tent, and other factors. If there is a specific date you would like to have your tent, we encourage you to order early! As we build, we will keep you updated via e-mails and pictures on the status of your tent, and an estimated completion date. We will notify you ASAP once it is ready to ship.

Warranty – All tents are covered under a 3 year warrantee, guaranteeing that they are free of defects or faulty manufacturing. See this link for more information.

The marquee pavilion - This contains everything you need to camp in comfort and style. Includes canvas walls, roof, and poles, all required ropes and stakes, and full setup instructions.

Square marquees (One center pole)

Dimensions Interior Space Price Add to Cart

10' x 10'

100 sq.ft.
12' x 12' 144 sq.ft. $950
14' x 14' 196 sq.ft. $1100
16' x 16' 256 sq.ft. $1300
18' x 18' 324 sq.ft. $1500
20' x 20' 400 sq.ft. $1750

Rectangular marquees (Two center poles w/ ridge)

Dimensions Interior Space Price Add to Cart

9' x 12'

108 sq.ft.
9' x 15' 135 sq. ft. $950
10' x 12' 120 sq.ft. $900
10' x 14' 140 sq.ft. $975
10' x 16' 160 sq.ft. $1150
12' x 14' 168 sq.ft. $1150
12' x 16' 192 sq.ft. $1200
12' x 18' 216 sq.ft. $1250
14' x 16' 224 sq.ft. $1250
14' x 18' 252 sq.ft. $1325
16' x 18' 288 sq.ft. $1500
18' x 20' 360 sq.ft. $1600
20' x 24' 480 sq.ft. $1950
20' x 30' 500 sq.ft. $2400

Options - A variety of options to customize your tent

13 oz. Sunforger canvas- add 20% of base price- For the absolute best in weather resistance, we offer 13oz Sunforger canvas. This may be more than you need for the occasional camper but for those who anticipate extremely harsh conditions or camp year round, we recommend this canvas. For more info on our canvas click here.
(Please indicate in the "Optional Instructions" section as you check out if you would like 13oz canvas. Due to the limitations of PayPal, we must bill separately for this option)

Four panel walls - no charge - Instead of making the wall out of two panels of canvas, we can make each wall an independent piece. If you do not add this option, walls will be made of the standard two pieces. Either way, your walls will still overlap one foot on all sides. (Please indicate in the "Optional Instructions" section as you check out if you would like four panel walls)


Stain Finish - add $50 - We offer a stain finish in addition to the standard polyurethane finish, for a more custom look to your structure. These colors look beautiful in day or night for a finish that contrasts nicely with the lighter colored canvas. Finishes are available in a variety of colors.

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