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The information below details the policies of Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) concerning deposits, shipping, returns, build times, and consignment. For warranty information on our items, please check the warranty section. If you have any questions about any of our policies, do not hesitate to contact us using the link at the bottom of this page


Deposits   Back to Top

Yurts or custom items require a deposit of 30% of the final price. This deposit is non-refundable. The balance, tax, and shipping costs will be billed once the order is complete and is due before the order will ship. Purchasers may pay the balance earlier, at their discretion. Any options must be paid for along with the initial deposit unless otherwise noted.

Once the final invoice is sent, customer must pay the balance due on a yurt within 30 days, or Traders of Tamerlane may, at its discretion, re-sell or repurpose the yurt, or charge storage fees. In this case, the initial deposit will be honored for one year.


Shipping   Back to Top

Shipping costs for items requiring an initial deposit (generally yurts and other large items) will be billed with the remaining balance due. Otherwise, shipping will be billed along with the purchase. Shipping will be calculated based on the address of the recipient, whether an in person pickup or event delivery is requested, and final weight and size of the product.

We are located in central New Jersey and attend many medieval events in the NJ/ East PA Area. If you wish, we are happy to schedule an event delivery or in-person pickup at our workshop, when possible.

We will gladly generate a shipping quote on any of our items, feel free to contact us with your full address to find out the specific shipping cost to your door. Please note that we cannot ship to a PO Box as they are not accepted by our shipper.

Returns / Exchanges   Back to Top

New merchandise that is suitable for resale (not stained, worn, painted, cut, soiled, or otherwise modified) may be returned for exchange or a refund within 30 days of purchase as long as the ORIGINAL receipt/invoice is included with the returned item. Shipping costs of the returned item are the responsibility of the purchaser. If new merchandise is returned after 30 days, goods will not be accepted. No returns are accepted on custom products or products discontinued for more than 30 days. Merchandise returned without authorization will be refused. To avoid a restocking charge, merchandise must be returned in the original box and packing materials, including all accessories and the original documentation. Do not destroy or discard original packing for 30 days. The value of any missing accessories will be deducted from the credit amount of a return. Exchanges will be charged return shipping using the original payment method

Build time   Back to Top

Customers should allow 4-6 weeks for the construction of yurts and other large items. Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) will make every effort to complete the order within this time. However, this time can vary due to orders pending, materials in stock, and other factors. Please be aware that late spring/early summer is our busy season, and may result in increased production times as described above. Orders are constructed in the order in which they are received. Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) will periodically update the customer on the status of their order, and estimated completion date. In cases where an order must be completed by a certain date, Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) strongly suggests ordering well in advance of that date, and keeping in contact early and often to have the best chance that the order can meet the projected deadline. Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) will notify the customer immediately upon completion of their order.

Consignment   Back to Top

Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) offers consignment services to any vendors interested in selling their goods via “The Bazaar” section of our web site, our storefront, or any other marketing platform using the Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) logo, brand, and/or name. The fee for this service is currently established at %10 of the sale price, subject to change at the discretion of Traders of Tamerlane (LLC). Should this fee change, all consigned goods before the change will be charged the earlier fee. Please note should the end buyer pay via credit card, there is an additional processing fee levied by the credit card company (between 1-3%, depending on cost) that is not reflected in the 10% consignment fee above. Payment for consigned items will be issued directly to Traders of Tamerlane (LLC), and then after deduction of the consignment fee, immediately to the original seller. Please be aware the consignment fee does not include any surcharges incurred from credit card payments. The seller may request that their unsold items be returned, to him/her and removed from Tamerlane marketing platforms at any time, at no cost to the seller. Claims made about the quality, condition, or functionality of consigned items by the original seller are the ultimate responsibility of that seller. Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) takes no responsibility for any item offered through consignment after it is sold. Returns, exchanges and repairs of consigned goods are the responsibility of the original seller. Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) reserves the right to cancel, refuse, or return any consigned item to the original seller for any reason.

Rentals   Back to Top

The rental fee for yurts can be found on this page, and are for a period of up to one week, (except in the case of Pennsic rentals, where the fee covers both weeks)

A security deposit of 30% of the yurt's purchase price is required in addition to the rental fee. This security deposit can be waived if the customer chooses to leave on file valid credit card information. The deposit/credit card will be used to cover expenses due to any damage done to the yurt while in the possession of the customer. The security deposit shall be returned to the renter upon return of the yurt, less any charges due to damages.

All fees must be paid in advance.Renters shall be bound to the terms of a rental agreement, which they must sign prior to receiving their yurt. A rental is not considered reserved until the rental fee and deposit are paid for in full, and a full rental agreement is signed. Please be sure you will be available to both pick up and drop off your yurt at the agreed upon time and place. Shipping is available for rental yurts, but shipping fees are the responsibility of the renter. While the yurt is in transit, no fees will be incurred. Renters may cancel their order up to 15 days before the scheduled delivery date, and receive a full refund of all fees. Cancellations after this period may result in a refund of the security deposit, but NOT the rental fee. Traders of Tamerlane (LLC) reserves the right to refuse a rental, and will refund all fees in such case.


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