Links of interest from medieval re-enactment to historical information

Re-enactment Groups

The Society for Creative Anachronism -
The largest and most well known medieval and renaissance reenactment (living history) organization, with 19 kingdoms, and over 30,000 members residing in countries around the world. it is a non-profit educational organization devoted to studying and re-creating the cultural and artistic elements of the period. Primary focus is on Western European culture, but can also include other regions such as the Middle East and Japan.

The Pennsic War - (official site) - (unofficial, but good reference)
Pennsic is the largest SCA event in the world held every August in Pennsylvania. It is the traditional war between the East Kingdom and the Middle Kingdom and "must attend" experience for those interested in history. Scores of classes, days of tournaments and fighting, extensive merchanting, gatherings of all kinds, and many people to meet. Look for our shop!

Markland Medieval Mercenary Militia -
A non-profit living history organization, incorporated in Maryland and operating mostly on the northeast coast of the US. Distinguished from the SCA by smaller size, more specific focus as far as period / region, and different combat rules.

Tamerlane and the Timurid empire

History of Tamerlane - (1) - (2)
Information about Tamerlane (also known as Timur the lame) the last great nomadic ruler of central Asia and our namesake. A successor of Ghengis Khan, Tamerlane controlled a kingdom that stretched from the Mediterranean Sea to india, and had great interest in trade, history, and art. Includes details about his character, religious beliefs, and historical conquests.

About Samarkand - (1) - (2)
Readings on Samarkand, capital of the Timurid empire and a cultural and economic center of Asia. Lying on the trade routes (silk road) between China and the Middle East, Samarkand prospered under the rule of Timur. Among the oldest cities in the world, considered by some to be the greatest city in central Asia during the time of his rule.

Yurts/Gers and the plains of Asia

About Yurts
A scholarly article about the history of yurts/gers including evidence that they may date back to 600 BCE!
Good collection of yurt/ger resources, including a book list.
Extensive page with photos of ger variations across several cultures and regions including Mongolia, Kyrgyzistan, and Western China
Video of a Kazakh family constructing a yurt for a wedding party in northwestern China.
A comprehensive resource for all things yurt, from the author of the wonderful book: "Yurts: Living in the round"


Just for fun

A range of clothing and home goods expressly designed for yurt lovers!

Friends of Tamerlane

Two Wolves Brain Tanning
A source for beautiful braintanned buckskins, including bags, custom clothing, rawhide and more. Brain tanning is an ancient method of processing hides that yields a supple but strong leather. Also offering a variety of brain tanning workshops in locations around the country, and the world. Look for their products in our shop at faires!

Liz and Iris' Gallery
Featuring original artwork from the proprietors, unique and interesting imports and home goods, and a collection of unique herbs, spices and teas.

T'ger Toggs
Featuring the best in peasant wear like tunics, shirts, cloaks, "pizza" hats, and the trademark T'ger tights, T'ger offers Renaissance and Medieval Style costumes for many tastes. Appears regularly at Pennsic, Gulf Wars, & Kansas City Ren fest


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