Pillows in Stock
The following pillows are in stock and ready to ship. Feel free to use this page to browse the fabrics, tassel colors and trim options available. If you would like a particular combination of fabric or trim that appears on seperate pillows below, please contact us and we will do our best to accomdate you. The same is true for any pillows below that you would like in a different size.

Small (approx. 18" x 18") Perfect for a head or armrest,or as a seat for children - $15

#1 - 2 patterned, maroon tassels: 1 in stock

#2 - Tube style, no trim: 1 in stock

#3 - 2 patterned, yellow tassels: 1 in stock

#4 - 2 patterned, maroon tassels: 1 in stock

(approx. 22” x 22”) The ideal size for an adult sitting pillow - $25

#1 - 2 patterned, red/gold rope trim: 1 in stock

#2 - 2 patterned, no trim: 1 in stock

(approx. 28" x 28") Truly huge! A comfortable seat for just about anyone! - $35

#1 - 1 pattern, yellow tassels: 1 in stock


Fabric in Stock

Pillows can be made from any of the fabric samples you see to the right at no extra charge. If the pillows above don't suit your tastes feel free to select from among any of our fabric in stock and we will make it for you.

To order a pillow with custom fabric, use the form below. For a pillow with the same fabric on both sides, enter the fabric's number in the "fabric choice" field. For a pillow with a diffrent fabric on each side, enter both numbers in the field, seperated by a comma.


Small Pillow $15
Fabric Choice

Med. Pillow $25
Fabric Choice

Large Pillow $35
Fabric Choice



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