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Besides being decorative, the goods below are functional too. Our hanging oil lamps are a unique way to provide light, and come in 4 colors to illuminate any tent or home. Pillows make you and your guests comfortable, no matter the size, and have a great mid-eastern look.

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Contrary to popular belief, in the ancient world, the burning of oil for light was far more common than wax candles, and most every culture had its equivalent oil lamp. The Ottomans and Persians of the ancient world were particularly well known for the stunning variety and beauty of their hanging oil lamps. The grand mosques and architecture of the Islamic world featured many examples of such lamps. These are our take on this ancient style of lighting.

Our lamps are made from tapered glass bowls with a colored finish that beautifully catches the light. Each rests in a 3 strand chain so they’re ready for hanging. Designed for use with a suspended wick, each lamp includes a wire clip which holds the wick in the center of your lantern. .

These look great hanging from the roof of a tent or yurt, and since the oil is transparent (unlike wax) they illuminate upward as well as downward. The light coming downward passes through the lamp itself, taking on its color for a unique lighting effect.You may use any sort of oil (vegetable, paraffin, citronella) or even remove the wire clip and rest a tea candle inside. Each lamp measures 2.5" across the opening, and 4 inches deep. Depending on the oil, each lamp holds enough for roughly 6-8 hours burn time. Look for a larger size soon!

Hanging Oil Lamps

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Perfect as decorations on your bed, on top of a bench or chest, or to make the floor a more comfortable seat for yourself and guests. Our pillows are made using a variety of colored and patterned fabrics, and generously stuffed with non-allergenic polyfill stuffing. They are finished with a plain or rope trimmed edge or tasseled corners. We can also sew in a zipper or leave a side open for use as a slip cover. Pillows come in three sizes

Small (approx. 18" x 18") Perfect for a head or armrest,or as a seat for children - $15
Medium (approx. 22” x 22”) The ideal size for an adult sitting pillow - $25
Large (approx. 28" x 28") Truly huge! A comfortable seat for just about anyone! - $35

Click the button to the right to view our current stock of finished pillows, and our stock of fabric. We are more than happy to make you a pillow with whatever fabric we have in stock.

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